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Diversity and Inclusion Consultation

Dear HR professional, diversity and inclusion professional or diversity champion, finally engage your leadership on diversity and inclusion without the constant push back.


Get authentic commitment and accountability from the business on diversity and inclusion by getting their buy-in. 

Book your FREE  diversity and inclusion consultation now


Discover how to get leadership buy-in and solve the challenge of getting your management support.


Do you find yourself excluded from strategic business meetings and having no seat at the table? Do you worry about being perceived as not strategic by the business? Do you feel you lack influence and authority over the top leadership team? Are your diversity efforts constantly de-prioritised by the business?

Discover how to educate your management on why diversity and inclusion matter by attending our expert-driven, established, high-value workshops and bespoke trainings. Partner with our expert team on a bespoke, proven, tried and tested diversity and inclusion strategy to finally engage your management on diversity and inclusion without constantly chasing them.

Book your FREE 60 minutes diversity and inclusion consultation now 


Our team has a proven track-record of:


  • Successfully convincing skeptical leadership teams to attend diversity and inclusion trainings and enjoy them

  • Successfully increasing the representation of minority populations in the workplace

  • Achieving equal representation of male and female employees in the workplace

  • Creating new Employee Resource Groups in new business units and geographics

  • Creating new forums and channels of discussion for under-represented groups

  • Successfully added “Diversity and Inclusion” as a topic in the leadership team meeting agenda 

  • Creating new channels of communication between the leadership team and the diversity leads

  • Working for leading Tech organisations including Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, PagerDuty,  Pivotal (now VMware), AvePoint and more

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