Client Testimonials

Phylicia Jones

Talent Development Director


"When Perrine spoke at our Corporate Leadership Kickoff, she shared her real experiences with ease and grace. I especially like how she took the opportunity to teach back her learnings to the audience in a concise and clear way. What was even more powerful, her ability to be vulnerable and authentic in the moment to share her own story for what she did not know; what she knows now; and how she strives to continue to learn as she moves forward."

Ambra Calà

Technology Consultant


"Perrine is a truly inspiring person supporting women in tech fields! I've had the pleasure of listening to her talk "9 Secrets to Become a Female Leader in Tech" at the WomenTech Global Conference 2020. She is a great speaker, able to engage her audience and get to the point just using simple concepts. Her talk was very insightful and motivated me!" 

Mayuri Madhur

Software Developer

Sabre Corporation

"Perrine has amazing public speaking skills and she is extremely passionate about solving the problems and challenges for women in tech! I congratulate Perrine for being such a celebrated women empowerer!"

Daniel Brooke

Neurodiversity Consultant

"Perrine delivers outstanding diversity training to companies in need of better workforce engagement and retention. Perrine’s inspirational diversity training is especially powerful because of her story-telling approach and because they are based on her sharing personal experience. Companies working with Perrine have a great asset and set themselves up for success. I can highly recommend Perrine as a diversity consultant."

Pepi Sappal

Founder & Director

FairPlay Talks

"Perrine is an outstanding diversity and inclusion champion, recognised for her expertise in tech. She has produced some insightful DE&I content for, and is a highly respected speaker on the topic at events. She's also actively involved in creating DE&I resources and providing the DE&I /HR community invaluable support, through webinars and training."

Marcus Cooper

Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity


"Perrine spoke at our company's inaugural leadership kickoff event in Napa, California. Perrine is a fearless storyteller who leverages her own experiences to teach meaningful lessons in leadership, coaching and radical vulnerability. Perrine's distinct voice in the effort to champion workplace equality is as impactful as it is inspiring. I look forward to learning more from her!"

Agata Kusharska

Backend Developer

Kalamba Games

"I saw Perrine's presentation on WomenTech conference and was impressed how many valuable tips she had to offer. I like how her insights are supporting individuality and promoting self appreciation in what we do everyday. It's clear that Perrine is a very inspiring and motivating person and she stands up for women and equal rights in the workplace. Looking forward to hearing more from her!" 

Wendy Foster

Director of Engineering, Data Science & Analytics


"I was in awe of Perrine's ability to inspire peers and empower her team with her action-forward, empathy-driven practices. Perrine's influence is deep and wide, and her contributions, particularly, to surfacing and remediating the systemic barriers that women in technology face as they build and grow their careers has been critically motivating to me, personally.  Perrine is a force of nature."

Bhavnita Jain

Resourcing Business Partner

"Perrine has very useful insights for corporate businesses looking to implement diversity programmes and work towards inclusivity in the workplace. Her wealth of knowledge and her ways of working are invaluable and I would highly recommend her as a consultant to HR Directors and HR Managers looking for advise and consultation on diversity and inclusion in the workplace."

Xena Olsen

Cyber Threat Intel Analyst

Financial Services

"In 7 Tips for Women to get to the Top in Tech at Diana Initiative 2020, Perrine provides a roadmap for managers to be practitioners of inclusion in their respective organizations. She sets the managers up for success in integrating the techniques she recommends so they can be leaders in their companies and create a space for underrepresented minorities. I shared information about her talk on Twitter and already some managers shared the resources and suggestions!"

Janet Tsai

Senior Principal Computer System Analyst 

Aerospace Industry

"Perrine gave a great presentation on '9 Secrets to Becoming a Female Leader in Tech' at Women Tech Network Global Conference 2020. I picked up a few tips from her that I will implement immediately! You can sense Perrine's passion on helping female leaders grow in their leadership."

Celine Castex

Account Manager

GE Healthcare

"Perrine did an amazing job delivering the presentation "9 Secrets To Become a Female Leader in Tech" at the Women Tech Global Conference 2020. She gave brilliant advice on how to tackle typical issues linked to gender differences on the workplace, such as not trapping ourselves in gender roles by doing office housework. I felt empowered and inspired!" 

Joyce Parukanil

Marketing Manager


"Perrine's warm welcome and patience are incredible. Perrine always pushed me to think out of the box and to be myself. She always put me in front and forced me out of my comfort zone. Up until this day I would say that Perrine was the best mentor in my career. Even after we went separate ways, she continued to mentor me and to this day I am beyond thankful. Now I am a Marketing Manager at a leading software organisation and this is all thanks to Perrine pushing me beyond my limits."

Asmar Ghafoor

Tech Talent Acquisition Leader

"Perrine is a fantastic diversity advocate. During my time with her, she helped us to identify top talent that were from underrepresented groups. Perrine’s contributions resulted in a significant increase in workforce engagement and retention. Perrine is a great asset to any organisation in need of better employee engagement and retention through diversity and inclusion training." 

Tara Larsen

UX/UI Developer


"I very much enjoyed Perrine’s presentation, 7 Tips for Women To Get To The Top in Technology at the Diana Initiative 2020. Her passion for promoting diversity and inclusion was obvious. I loved hearing her very relatable story. I walked away feeling really empowered with several tips that were accessible for me. Thank you, Perrine for being so inspiring to women."

Milena Rakun

Head of Sales


"I was amazed by Perrine's  talk at WomenTech 2020. I was impressed by her speaker charisma with which she delivered the presentation. I loved the energy and passion, the content resonated with me and brought quite a few aha moments! I wish I knew all this when I started my career through I became a leader in tech. A female one in the men's world"

Maria Ershova

Account Executive


"Perrine is an inspiring advocate of diversity in tech. I enjoyed her presentation on 9 Secrets to Becoming a Female Leader in Tech at Women Tech Global Conference, as she delivered both passionate and practical talk that helped me to reflect on things that I can do now to become a better female leader. Thank you Perrine!" 

Vidya Sharma

IT Engineering


"Perrine delivered an amazing session on "9 Secrets to become a Female Leader in Tech" at WomenTech Global Conference2020. Her talks were very inspiring and motivational. I enjoyed listening to her and I will definitely work to implement her sayings in my life too!!"

Swathi Shyam Sunder

Project Manager


"I had the chance to attend Perrine's talk titled "9 Secrets to Become a Female Leader in Tech" at the WomenTech Global Conference 2020. Not only was her presentation well-structured and to-the-point, but it also reflected her passion for the topics of diversity and inclusion in technology. I could resonate with several of her experiences, which also highlight her impressive storytelling abilities. The tips she shared were clear and actionable. It was one of my most-liked talks at the conference."

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