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Meet The Founder,

Perrine Farque

Perrine Farque is a professional keynote speaker and diversity expert who was nominated in the Top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech and who is also a Judge at the Diversity in Tech Awards. Perrine drove the strategy at leading organisations including Facebook, PagerDuty, Pivotal, Nlyte Software and AvePoint for over a decade.


During her career, Perrine spoke at many conferences including Microsoft for Startups, IBM's Evoke x Cascon, Dublin Tech Summit, WomenTech Global Conference, Arctic 15, The Diana Initiative Conference, Women 2.0,  Amplify DEI and PagerDuty Leadership Summit. Perrine has an extensive track-record of building highly-engaged teams that are highly productive and innovative.

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Perrine has worked for over a decade with organisations in London, including Facebook, PagerDuty, Pivotal, AvePoint and Nlyte Software. 


Perrine is passionate about building diverse AND inclusive  workplaces that cultivate employee engagement, retention, productivity, profitability, innovation and business growth. 

Perrine believes that the world needs more diverse and inclusive workplaces to build new products and services that reflect the diversity of the population.


Described as "a force of nature" and "a fearless storyteller with radical vulnerability and authenticity", Perrine excels at inspiring audiences to challenge themselves; Perrine is very proficient in motivating groups of people to take action, as well as in energising teams who may be stuck in a mindset and need a boost to see results; her interactive and inspirational approach, combined with her friendly and sociable nature allows her to demonstrate high levels of energy and to ensure a fast-friendly pace for those around her. Very articulate and active in communication naturally, she is a naturally outstanding  speaker. 

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