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Media and Speaking Engagements

Perrine Farque, award-winning keynote speaker and diversity expert, nominated in the top 50 most influential women in UK Tech and a judge at the Diversity in Tech Awards, has been recognised by many leading industry publications as well as industry conferences. 


Read a selection of Perrine Farque's work as captured by the media and at industry events:

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Top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2020

Perrine Farque was nominated on the Top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech list by
The list, which is now in its eighth year, was introduced in 2012 to shine a light on the non-male role models in the technology sector. Only 3% of females say a career in technology is their first choice. 78% of students can’t name a famous female working in technology. Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women.

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The prestigious Diversity in Tech Awards shine the spotlight on the achievements of organisations creating a more diverse workplace while striving to narrow the gender gap in the technology sector. The event, which celebrates the best in tech, has been expanded to recognise diversity in all of its forms. It includes 18 categories with an equal number for both diversity and women in tech. Perrine Farque is a judge at this prestigious diversity award.

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'Award-winning Tech Leader Helping Tech Companies Build Diverse Cultures to Innovate'. Meet Perrine Farque, Award-Winning Tech Leader who drove the strategy for Tech companies including Facebook, PagerDuty, Pivotal and AvePoint for over a decade. During her career in Tech, Perrine has gained experience speaking at industry events including Women in Leadership events in London' 

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Perrine Farque was a guest speaker at The Diana Initiative 2020 Conference. Her session "7 Tips for Women To Get To the Top in Technology" discussed some of the  top tips that she learnt during her career in Technology to become a Leader and sit at the Senior Leadership Team table. She talked about what women can do to grow their career in the technology sector. Perrine shared the lessons that she learnt to achieve her goals and be a successful woman in Technology.

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Perrine Farque was a guest speaker at B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2020. Her session "Why B2B Marketers should address the lack of diversity now" discussed why B2B Marketers should address the lack of diversity now, how to implement a long-term strategy to diversify your team, how to get leadership buy-in and commitment and how to avoid the most common diversity mistakes. 

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Perrine Farque was featured in Diginomica in the article 'Diversity training - a good start, but a truly inclusive organization needs more'. Her comments included: 'You can see whether an organisation truly values D&I or not if you follow the money – in other words, if the executive team are willing to invest in the area. Be clear about the fundamental reasons that you’re embarking on your D&I journey in the first place. Start with the why and how it will help, and articulate that in your mission statement.'


Featured in DiversityQ

'How tech companies can create the culture shift in a crisis'. Leading diversity publication DiversityQ featured our founder's article on the topic of creating the cultural shift in a crisis. The well-established publication highlighted Inspired-Human's advice and tips to help Tech organisations navigate the COVID19 pandemic as well as the new remote-work challenges and the #blacklivesmatter movement.

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Featured in DiversityQ

'8 Tips To Support Black Colleagues'

Following weeks of anti-racism protests, organisations are being challenged with how to support black colleagues in the workplace. DiversityQ spoke with Perrine Farque, a Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Advocate, and the Founder of Inspired-Human, who believes that there’s a lot of employers and employees can do to support black colleagues at work.

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What is Design Thinking and why do Diverse Workforces do it Better?

To get the best from taking a design thinking approach firms should have a diverse workforce. If a firm is looking at product or service development from the point of view of its end-users, it needs to be able to think like them, analyse, plan and be a critical friend to itself like them. Perrine Farque, a diversity and inclusion speaker and consultant tells IT Pro: “Diverse teams create more innovative solutions, and innovations are what tech companies need to survive”. 

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Featured in TechRound

In this exclusive interview with TechRound, Perrine shines a light on the importance of equality and shares what she has learnt from her entrepreneurial journey.

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Despite an appetite for change, inequality in the tech sector persists. Why is there little practical action taken? Perrine Farque speaks to IT Pro. Read the full article here

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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are key to startup success. Here’s a short practical guide on how startups can implement an effective D&I strategy from one of the UK’s most influential diversity champions and women in tech, Perrine Farque.

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Perrine Farque was a guest speaker at Amplify DEI 2020. Her session " How To Tackle Unconscious Bias In The Workplace" discussed how unconscious bias affects our decisions all the time, especially in the workplace. In this presentation, she looked at the definition of unconscious bias, she explored the impact it can have at work and she offered some suggestions for mitigating bias in the workplace.

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The global fintech market was valued at $127.66 billion in 2018, with a predicted annual growth rate of ~25% until 2022, to $309.98 billion. However, there are many inherent risks associated with Fintech startup businesses: from frequent malware attacks to fierce competition with huge financial brands. How can fintech startups de-risk their business to thrive in a complex economic environment? By building a diverse team you will have the right talent who can combat these risks and this article will explore how.

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Speaker at WomenTech Conference

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Featured in Startup Nation

Why should startup founders care about attracting and retaining a diverse workforce? Why should investors fund diverse startups and even encourage startup founders to diversify their workforce?

The benefits of building a diverse startup team are overwhelming; from increased creativity and faster problem solving, to a greater diversity of thought opening up new market opportunities and more revenue streams, to better understanding the customer base and building better products… the list goes on.


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Speaker at Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups Europe invited Perrine as a keynote speaker at their conference for European startups. Perrine shared her top insights on how to scale a startup fast through inclusive diversity.


Speaker at

Dublin Tech Summit 2020

Perrine Farque is a speaker at Dublin Tech Summit 2020. Her talk '7 Secrets of an Excellence-Driven Tech Organisation' is addressing the challenged that Tech Leaders are facing. Perrine's session discusses how Tech businesses must achieve specific goals related to diversity, inclusion and equity  in order to achieve true excellence, Perrine's session covers the little-known secrets that Tech leaders wished they knew about creating an excellence-driven Tech organisation. 

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In this week’s guest column, Perrine Farque –  one of the UK’s most influential diversity champions and women in tech – provides insights on the benefits of hiring neurodiverse talent in tech. She also outlines why it’s a business opportunity that should not be overlooked, and how to embrace and nurture neurodiversity to gain a competitive advantage.


Perrine Farque was a guest speaker at IOT London. Her session "7 Ways To a Set Your Startup Up For Success Through Inclusive Diversity" discussed how startup founders can fast-track their startup success through implementing a diversity and inclusion programme.

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Jon talked to Perrine Farque, speaker and diversity consultant, about how the coronavirus has impacted women's equality. It was cut out of the recording, but she was very understanding when Jon's daughter kept interrupting demanding breadsticks.

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Speaker at Oliver Bernard Event


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Tech Startup Partners with D&I Expert in a bid to Drive More Diversity in the Tech Sector

Tech startup Isotropic Systems, the creator of the world’s first multi-service High Throughput Satellite Terminals, today announced its partnership with diversity & inclusion consultancy Inspired Human. Perrine Farque, Founder of Inspired Human and diversity & inclusion expert has partnered with Isotropic to help the organisation drive further diversity in the tech sector.  

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Diversity and Inclusion: a measure of effective leadership?


Speaker at IBM Evoke Cascon

Perrine Farque was a keynote speaker at IBM Evoke Cascon 2020. Engineers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers are facing complex problems that academia and research could assist with.

Evoke Cascon brings tech decision-makers and academia together to solve today's challenges.

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Entrepreneurs are rightly focused on building the next billion-dollar business. With so many startup success stories and technological advancements these days, anything is possible. However, as an increasing body of research demonstrates, there is another often forgotten factor that drives startup success: diversity and inclusion. Read full article here.

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Featured in DiversityQ

'A Practical Guide to Diversity in Startups'

How to do diversity and inclusion for startups the right way? Here is what Perrine Farque at Inspired Humans had to say…

Startups have a unique position as change agents: they are young, agile, are born in the millennial era, have funding and have a new product or app that can change the world. They can change the workplace, society and the world we live in.

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Featured in WeAreTheCity

Perrine Farque was featured in an article by leading womens website for careers, awards, women in tech, networking, events and information WeAreTheCity. In that article, WeAreTheCity highlighted our founder's 

top tips to support black colleagues during a pandemic of racism. Perrine discussed how people are calling for more to be done to address racism including holding their employers responsible. 

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News: Women in tech report discrimination and harassment at the workplace. Women led-startup, Women Who Tech, has reported that 41% of female founders who were harassed, experienced sexual harassment.

Read Perrine Farque's commentary on this article.


Speaker at

AltFi Festival of Finance

Perrine Farque was a guest keynote speaker at AltFi Festival of Finance 2020. She shared her thoughts on the role of diversity and inclusion in FinTech and on financial inclusion, corporate social responsibility and how to scale a Fintech company through diversity.

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Speaker at Hive HR Event

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2021 Predictions - HR & D&I in the Workplace

2020 is finally coming to an end. However, Perrine Farque predicts that 2021 has more in store for diversity and inclusion.

Ethnicity and gender pay gaps, working from home and more have been the priorities of the diversity and inclusion conversations this year, but what does 2021 have in store?

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