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Developing a diversity and inclusion strategy

At Inspired Human, we have extensive experience of supporting our clients to build and implement effective equality, diversity and inclusion ED&I strategies. The most effective consultancy interventions are tailor-made to reflect the culture and values of the particular organisation we are working with. This tailoring considers current levels of knowledge and understanding, existing good practice and both current and future challenges around equity, diversity, and inclusion and decision-making in key people areas, such as recruitment and promotions. We want to ensure that your new ED&I plan is aligned with your overall business and inclusion priorities.

Our diversity and inclusion strategies focus on a number of areas including:

  • Information and policy review

  • Governance

  • Leadership and Management

  • Culture, Education and Engagement

  • The Talent Cycle; specifically, recruitment and talent development

  • Measurement D&I

  • Other strategic areas, including supplier diversityiversity

Why us? Combining real life work experience with culture change

We do not believe in simply applying the latest academic and scientific research to your workplace. Our team of experts has real life work experience working with the private sector and uses their experience, as well as educated academic research to transform the culture of your organisation in the most effective way. All of our suggested project team have direct experience of building global ED&I strategies and action plans to the private sector.

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