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Our Clients: Startups, SaaS, Technology Vendors, VCs


Our clients include startups from seed-stage to IPO, high-growth SaaS vendors, technology vendors and Venture Capital firms.



Our clientele includes FinTech, EdTech, Healthtech & PharmaTech, SaaS, Online Gaming & Entertainment, E-commerce Tech and Telecommunications vendors based in London’s Silicon Roundabout, in the UK or even in Europe.



Our client base is made of seed-stage startups with 10 to 50 employees that are aggressively hiring, series C startups with 150 employees that went through acquisitions, all the way to online gaming companies with 5,000 employees that are focusing on remaining competitive through building a diverse and inclusive team. Our clients also include Venture Capital firms who want to invest in more women-led startups or startups founded by people of colour.



Our clients are focusing on attracting and retaining diverse talents, building a clear and simple roadmap for diversity and inclusion success. Our clientele is also focusing on educating the leadership team on the benefits of diversity and inclusion and on bridging the disconnect between their commitment to diversity and inclusion and real actions. Additional challenges that our clients are working on include risks of employee lawsuits, discrimination or brand reputation damage due to a very homogeneous workforce that is uneducated on diversity and inclusion. Finally, our clients are focusing on creating high workforce engagement and productivity.


In Tech, the workforce diversity numbers have barely moved over the years. Looking at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Airbnb, Pinterest, Lyft, Uber and Slack, tech employees are still predominantly white and Asian. The 2019 State of European Tech report was showing that the proportion of women in executive positions in venture-capital-backed companies had fallen to 8%, and 84% of the founders surveyed self-identified as white, while just 0.9% self-identified as black.


Startups, SaaS vendors and Technology vendors and Venture Capital firms have a particular need for diversity and inclusion because:


  • They need to build more innovative software and technology to gain a competitive edge and succeed in their first years. By building a diverse team, they get a much greater diversity of thought and innovation.


  • They need to solve today’s difficult problems associated with a complex technology landscape. By building a diverse team, they can solve complicated problems faster due to a greater diversity of thoughts.


  • They need to scale their startup and achieve high-growth rates within their first years leading to IPO successfully. Diverse teams, especially at the leadership level, achieve greater financial success especially from innovation.  90% of people surveyed for Atomico’s State of European Tech report in 2018 said that diverse teams lead to better company performance.


  • They need to build a software, an app or a new technology that is fit for diverse users. Having a diverse team ensures that new technology is built by diverse people for diverse users.


  • They need to prevent the gender discrimination, sexual harassment and racism that is often reported in the media in Technology vendors, as recently exposed with the #blacklivesmatter protests and the #metoo protests. Building diverse teams significantly reduces the risks of discriminations.


We understand the startup ecosystem and the technology industry because we have a combined experience of 25 years working in the technology industry. Our team of expert diversity consultants have worked at a dozen software and technology vendors including PagerDuty, Pivotal (now-VmWare), Facebook, AvePoint, nLyte Software and more.

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