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Diversity and Inclusion Framework


This 1 h 30 on-demand intensive Diversity and Inclusion Framework online course is designed to help you understand the key essentials of diversity, equity, and inclusion and where to start to build a successful diversity and inclusion strategy in your own organisation. Our online course will cover: - Definitions of diversity and inclusion - Employee awareness - Organisational component - Leadership support - Systematic approach to change - Mentoring platforms - Three different models of diversity - Logic models - Inclusion management competencies for systemic change - Generational impact - Unconscious bias - Micro-affirmations, micro-inequalities - Perpetual acceptance - Organisational unconscious - Hidden bias - Diversity and inclusion assessment tool - The 4 stages of the organisation in regards to diversity - Workforce composition - Diversity indicators - Diverse workforce in leadership - Leadership development for a diverse workforce - Internal leadership support - Diverse supplier component - Leadership accountability - Disproportionality index - Professional development - Assessment and evaluation Our online course will arm you with the tools and strategies you need to create a clear plan for embedding diversity and inclusion within your organisation. “The workshop allowed us to have more authentic conversations in a safe environment” Asesh Sarkar - CEO at Salary Finance




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