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Practical Allyship


In this 1 h 30 online course, you will learn practical tools for using your power and influence to develop better workplace relationships and become an effective ally. Our workshop covers: - What is allyship and why is it important? - Understanding privilege and oppression. - What are allies and sponsors - The impact of biased language - The role of intentions - Definitions of advocacy - The role of an inclusive network - Microaggressions and microbehaviour - How to host inclusive events - Inclusive hiring practices - Inclusive meetings best practices - Examples of active allyship - The role of feedback, recommendations and promotions - Understanding workplace marginalisation and how to intervene. - Exploring examples of allyship in the workplace. - Practical tools you can use to become an effective ally. "Perrine’s contributions resulted in a significant increase in workforce engagement and retention. Perrine is a great asset to any organisation in need of better employee engagement and retention through diversity and inclusion training." Asmar Ghafoor, Tech Talent Acquisition Leader




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